Kickstarter Success for KDC June 2016

June 16, 2016

We at Kamala Devam Company extend our sincere gratitude to the following people for making our Ankusha Kickstarter this spring a phenomenal success!

Ro Olufunwa
Michele Caspers
James Moed
Lila Param
Carol Whitney
Bruce Marriott
Rayanne Ordette
Laurette Verbinski
Sonia Mills
Joy Straka
Janet Collard
Ananta Palani
Shailesh Sreedharan
Jeffrey Mallari
Nina Mankin
Raneesha Manoharan
Niraj Thaker

Thanks to these and other donors’ generosity, KDC is now able to rework its debut piece Ankusha for our evening at Rich Mix this September and, by exceeding our stretch goal, make this new website designed by the East London firm CR&D a reality.

Thanks for believing in our work donors! We look forward to seeing you in the audience for Ankusha and Other Mysteries in September or sending you a recording of the show.

We look forward to updating you with the progress of our project through the Kickstarter site!