Kamala Devam Company offers workshops, internships and extended teaching intensives to universities, colleges, schools, museums and charities. Devam’s rich movement background places multiple dance languages in dialogue with each other, inciting her to shape unique choreography in ensemble settings by privileging the traditions, dance techniques, and narratives of  participants through the process of creating dance. KDC’s curriculum can be tailored to the needs of students, participants and organisations.


Kamala Devam Company residencies offer organisations an opportunity to learn about the company’s choreographic processes, their questions behind making movement, and the approach to synthesizing classical Bharata Natyam and western contemporary dance through the use of acrobatics. Residencies can encompass a combination of the following:


KDC workshops are varied in scope and tailored to the needs of the workshop group. Content can include a combination of choreographic methods, repertory works, and/or studio-based introductions to bharatanatyam, kalaripayattu, and South Asian contemporary forms.


KDC provides opportunities for dance degree students to gain work experience with the company, for aspiring and working dancers and choreographers to benefit from artistic mentorship and for practicing and professional dancers to train intensively in a wide range of movement techniques, as well as company choreographic methodologies and repertoire.