Created on popper Kamila Lewandowska in partnership with the University of East London’s dance degree placement programme, this piece is Devam’s choreographic investigation into the meeting points between the movement cultures of popping and kalaripayattu, a South Indian martial art. Kinaesthetically and culturally, each form has its own relationship to “the battle”. Alongside this, Babushka vs. Renaissance Man marks the struggle and liberation in the performative psyche of a dancer. Set to an original score by multi-instrumentalist Ben Henry Edwards, a works-in-progress version of the piece premiered at the UEL’s Coll!de Festival in May 2016 at Stratford Circus.

Babushka vs. Renaissance Man was expanded this summer with the support of Arts Council England and UEL to present in Ankusha and Other Mysteries at Rich Mix on Sept 3, 2016.

Photos: Vipul Sangoi


“[T]here’s explosive movement from each of the ingredients… and the excellent technique of Lewandowska really pulled it all together.”

– DanceTabs, Autumn 2016


Choreographer: Kamala Devam

Choreographic Assistant: Bonnie-Lee Hale

Music: Composed and arranged by Ben Henry Edwards

Dancer/Creative Collaborator: Kamila Lewandowska

Lighting design: Kamala Devam

Costume: Kamala Devam

With thanks to Carla Trim-Vamden, Robert Nicholson and the 2nd Year Student Coll!de Team.